Adesso Creative (now referred to as simply “Adesso”) was born from a conversation in that occurred at a global sporting event. The question was simple: How are customers and athletes connecting with this brand online, and how could their experience be better?


Seeking to answer this question paved way to the birth of Adesso. Looking for a marketing firm to discuss this idea with gave way to creating a marketing firm to answer this question.  The core of our work is – and always will be – individual’s experience with brands and events.

The word Adesso means now in Italian.  Marketing is an evolving entity, comprised of past lessons, industry examples, best practices and constantly guessing the future  – but the magic happens in the now. Our name reflects one of our core values, Action.

We’re a small team with big heart. Digital marketing is the core of the work we do, and our clients are Sport, Health and Lifestyle brands.  Our offices are located in the heart of the bustling inner city community Kensington in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We’re proud to have clients across Canada, the United States and Europe.





“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Ouch.  Franklin didn’t pull any punches when he pronounced that without a plan you’d fail, but we have to agree with the guy on this one. Strategy sets an organization up to succeed: we help you create an overall plan to guide an organization through every marketing related piece for twelve months.



 You have a shiny on-brand marketing strategy you’re incredibly excited about, and now you must dive into the deep pool of creating content. You’re looking at video(s), blogs, print collateral, photos, interviews, stories, graphics (and more), and instead of being overwhelmed by the enormity that can be creating content, this is where we pop in.  Understanding your strategy and vision, we go to work creating content of all types for your brand to share in the digital marketplace.

Race & Event
Social Media Management

Races and events have specific marketing needs beyond a yearly strategy. Adesso assists organizations in structuring a marketing plan before, during and after their race/ event that includes written and visual content, key messaging, print and digital collateral, public relations, event guide(s), social media and more.

Social Media

Isn’t it the case that the word “consulting” is a catchall for anything under the sun? When we say “social media consulting” we talk about helping organizations develop social media policies, cleaning up old social media accounts, and helping senior management navigate their personal social media accounts.





“I hired Adesso to help look at my fitness business in a new light. She was able to quickly deliver clear and effective instructions on how to identify our key demographics and then create a marketing strategy that will deliver a clear and powerful message to this important audience. Adesso has the tools that can help take your small business to a new level!”


“I have worked with Holly in two capacities: first as a colleague working together on mutual projects for our respective employers, and most recently, hiring her as Principal of Adesso Creative. I did not, and will not, hesitate to work with Holly. She is a talented writer, strategic thinker, and personable professional. I whole-heartedly recommend her to my friends, colleagues and clients seeking innovative marketing strategies and straightforward results, and look forward to working with her again.”


“Holly is one of those chosen few who can blend measurable outcomes with seeing people as people. She is impeccable with her word and the best way to manage Holly was to let her go out and create. There is not a more trustworthy person in the world and you can trust Holly to care for the client and to deliver in a big way. I highly recommend Holly.”


Our work is marketing sport, health and lifestyle brands.
We believe in being collaborators with our clients.
We believe in both vision and action, imagination and creating.



111-14 Steet NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Phone: 403.383.8789