Adesso gets a Refresh: The Why’s of Undergoing a Rebrand

Holly Bird, nurse  Principal

13 July 2016

This month Adesso launches our new website after almost three years in business. With the website comes a refreshed version of Adesso Creative’s logo and brand.

We evolved from the first version of our brand, cialis which was a stylized “A” with a lighter pastel color palate and the long form of Adesso “Adesso Creative” below.  Our new logo is an “A” that stands simply and firmly within a mountain (we also like to think of the mountain as an arrow, help pointing the direction we want to go).  The new logo is succinct with simply “Adesso”, as over the three years of existence it turns out our contractors, staff and clients had been easily abbreviating the business name to Adesso without prompting. The new brand features a slightly darker color palate with the noticeable absence of the color pink, striving to live in lively but more neutral color environment.
The previous logo

The motivation behind Adesso’s rebrand was threefold:

  1. To represent the evolution of the brand from a general digital marketing agency to a sport and lifestyle focused digital marketing agency.
  2. For brevity and succinctness of the previously longer brand of Adesso Creative.
  3. To better represent the work we primarily do at Adesso.

“Our motivations are specific to who we are, what we do, and this moment in time.”

When organizations or individuals ask us why we should rebrand? we can drill down into four strong reasons to make a change:

  1. Shift in target market or audience focus
    The brand is looking to change their primary audience, or change markets.
  2. Change of scope in the work the business undertakes
    The original work of the brand has changed to expand or contract within their market or change of industry
  3. Brand needs to better represent core values or raison d’etre.
    Brands grow and change like humans. The brand has added or amended core values our purpose.
  4. Relevancy
    The brand is no longer relevant to primary audience or target market; the brand is outdated or aged.

Redesigned Logo

Rebranding is an excellent exercise for an organization, specifically during a time of change and evolution. To refresh Adesso’s brand during a website rebuild was logical move and has created excitement around our work and vision.